Thank you for letting me serve Quinn's the past five years. I'm sorry for my part in letting the scope of that service grow untenable. At $200ish a week, admin duties ate us alive. I over-delivered for years.

Going forward, I'm available when pre-paid, for brand strategy to increase margin, and marketing that leverages target-driven design and the Internet, to deliver Quinn's brand promise where your customers hang out.

To access your Business Profile on Google, simply navigate to your listing and claim ownership by clicking on OWN or MANAGE THIS LISTING ... your Business Profile ID is 11101217071950308261. Google will walk you through claiming ownership, it will involve Google sending you authentication via phone or mail.

Website access is here, you have a full install of Wordpress running on a custom theme—which I built on a framework, let me know if you have any questions  ::

Username :: staff
Password :: your last name+zip code (Mine would be miller+83644).

You can change any of this at any time. You can add users. From here you can make edits, updates or delete items. You can easily copy and move the site to a new host.
Should you wish to leave the site on my server, you'd keep paying the hosting fee, approx. $250 annually (which includes the security cert).

Your security certificate is tied to my server so you'll need a new one should you move the site. These are not difficult to obtain and install. The Cumulus sub-contractor that does their digital work, will know how to install a new ssl.

I'm still getting a lot of email. I'm notified by the three delivery services. I'm notified for every social media interaction, sales inquiries, etc. I can forward emails to you at but the volume is such that it will overwhelm your email account—if I remember correctly, you have a limited email account. Please advise.

Reviews, good and bad, and responses can be viewed here :: I've replied but the negative reviews require follow up. People who were angry, I have sent you via text.

That brings me to the most recent reviews—that hadn't been tended to since Dec. 31st ... I did answer the back-log at your request, but, someone needs to take responsible for reviews. Including the negative reviews I replied to. Or it will absolutely negatively affect your review scores and reputation. 

Most all of your reviews are positive. The ones that are negative contain very valuable information. About staff, products and what's going on when you aren't watching.

You'll want to check these 5+ reviews sites regularly, at least every two or three days—to keep the reputation of responding to reviews fast (the sites keep track of responsiveness, like the delivery sites do) :: 
all of these collect reviews from the public and require monitoring and escalating when appropriate. I offer a gift certificate to those most damaging reviews. It's not offered 'in return' for a positive review, but it does go a long way to repair the damage—it's public too, so people will see ya'll take negative reviews very seriously.
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These are now going to Rick. I will test the forms soon, Tuesday latest.



I've given access to Josh Blessinger. I've removed my ad payment information ... so you'll need a card to start ads again, or let Cumulus and their people handle this for you—they'll have an account to control ads if they do this for you.
Facebook ID160400958341608

It costs a lot of money and energy to bring in new customers. What I've learned in the last five years helping Quinn's do that, is that once customers get in Quinn's, they are not always greeted as if they matter.

If I were managing Quinn's, I'd start with staff ... I'd watch those cameras. Closely. To see who's not delighting customers AS SOON AS THEY WALK IN THE DOOR ! Alternatively, get FIVE FRIENDS to dine or visit the bar ... ask them their HONEST OPINIONS — how they were greeted / served and where they DELIGHTED ?

I'd tell staff their ONLY job is to delight customers. That's bigger and stronger than anything else they do. Delighted customers don't complain about an overcooked steak ... they feel heard and were happy anyway ! Not all staff is guilty of not treating customers as if they are the reason we serve ... If you read the negative reviews though, the biggest complaint is feeling invisible once inside. That should never ever happen. It is happening and it's completely 100% preventable

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