Primary Services Supplied
  • Support Quinn's Restaurant & Lounge by generating content for Facebook, Instagram and Quinn's Website.
  • Write copy and design components for marketing and communications initiatives and campaigns that
  • support and promote events, specials and traffic to the Quinn's
  • support customer retention, customer satisfaction and interact as problem-solver for customers experiencing a less than ideal meal
  • increase brand awareness, and support the Quinn's Restaurant & Lounge ownership's vision and mission
  • audition, hire and promote live acts
  • communicate with musicians to confirm dates/rates paid and to solve any related issues
  • available on-call for issues surrounding any of the above
  • monitor and maintain the company Website
  • monitor and reply to ALL REVIEWS, positive or negative
  • monitor and reply to ALL messages on social media (a LOT)
  • manage radio contract / scripts / communication

While in large part, the above is what I do for Quinn's. I also do a LOT of the following
  • field calls from people wanting to work with and for Quinn's
  • send and receive hundreds of direct messages to and from musicians, potential vendors / employees, etc.
  • field emails from all sorts of vendors, potential vendors, never-gonna-be vendors, the fire department, music licensor, etc.
  • monitor and edit all delivery menus 
  • monitor delivery of new tablets or equipment related to delivery services
Special Projects
  • order voicemail/install voicemail on Quinn's phone system
  • replacing faulty delivery service hardware (like tablets or chargers) it takes approximately 3 phone calls and 3 or more emails
  • record and install voicemail greeting
  • research how to change time-to-answer
  • monitor delivery of new tablets or equipment related to delivery services