Make Decision Around Which Startup To Move Forward With

There are 8 ideas I've taken through concept, brand, color palette ... and have a prototype for some. 

I don't know which to move forward.

I want to transition from consulting to a full time entrepreneur where I am making businesses instead of websites for others. I want to start NOW. But, with which idea ?

Investor Relations
Business Structure
Properly Protecting Intellectual Property

I'm ready to create an idea that gets picked up. I don't want to manage a business.

Sell for between 17 and 100 million.

Yikes ... I apologize for this. I did a lot of thinking and journaling, but it was during and after our Learning Group meeting that I began the real work ... looking at my gaps and then imagining going BIG ! A $100m payday. I've got friends who sold their business for $315m. Another associate (of an associate) sold PhotoBucket for $300m. 

Pardon the dust at our home. We are in the process of updating. We painted the office but have a lot more to update and paint.

We just took the pool out and added a waterfall. New fence is coming Wednesday ... after that we can plant grass and trees where the pool was. I know ... we need to go through the garden and flowerbeds ! ... WEEDS are taking over. I been busy ... I'll get to it. It's still cold here at night ... should warm up soon —