I've operated my digital marketing business for decades. I love what I do ! The enormous knowledge gained, puts me at an advantage — I know how to get in front of people. You are here.

I have extensive story skills to craft compelling Farm Bureau lifestyle assets, such as commercials for broadcast (tv, cable, web, social media, news, etc.), story-driven articles and posts of all kinds. Pushing the brand through strong, well-defined messaging (as directed by Director of Information Services) will present a dynamic, modern Farm Bureau to the growing public and associates.

I'm an experienced marketing professional. I have a suite of Macs and software, including the latest Adobe Creative Suite. List provided upon request.

I have a full photo studio in the basement of my Middleton home. I have a professional film and TV sister company, that provides services to Focus Features (my oldest son runs Miller Productions from his Hollywood home). Don't judge us, I grew up here in Meridian !

I have access to a full audio studio in Boise. My middle son is an audio engineer.
Bottom line ? I'd LOVE to work with the Farm Bureau ! I'm very flexible and ... I can start today ! Even if it's a short-term fix until you find the perfect guy / gal. Seriously. I'm flexible ! 

At your service,

Joanne Miller

If we do not learn from failure, stepping out into the unknown is terrifying.