Let me know how I can help ! I'm happy to make edits, make changes ... pick up kids, deliver groceries ... anything you need sweets.

If you consider selling anything ... I can help ! I don't know what that would be ... tshirts or blog subscriptions ... I dunno. But, medical journey blogs are among the most popular. And, you see why, it's super thrilling to see people THRIVING after an injury like Bob's.

No pressure from me doll. Can't hurt my feelers, been doing this thirty years.

The client is ALWAYS right ;)


Love you so much. We gonna get through this !

Sorry this video sucks. I wasn't awake. Yikes. Blurry and bad audio. I'll redo it. Lata'.

P.S. Forgot to say, you can copy/paste updates from your phone, INCLUDING ICONS 🕷 by sending to email, and then copy/pasting again into the website. Or, you can use symbols by copying/pasting them from here :: 

I can make this video private, instead of unlisted ... would be more secure. You'll have to log in to your Google (same as Gmail) account, to view it if we make it private. After you see this ... I may do that. Just to be super careful.