Hi Mr Brunson!

I'm Joanne. I've been wanting to give you this book for two years. I have followed you for ten !

In 2018, when I found out that I live just eight'ish miles from your office, I decided, that's no accident ! Here's proof—

I bought this early edition of If You Can Count To Four, after learning that you and Tony Robbins were working together. I chickened-out bringing it by.

About The Book
Jim Jones taught at Napoleon Hill Philosophy of Achievement. Mr. Jones recruited Earl Shoeff. Earl recruited Jim Rohn ... who inspired Tony Robbins. You, Russell Brunson, have inspired Tony and so many others.

Where's the Chicken Today!?
Your Smackdown with Alison was a kick in the reminder—we all fall. We all feel out of place at times. It's getting up again that makes the difference. And. Being grateful.

This is me, getting up again, and feeling very grateful ! The resilient community you've built is a shining star and example for us all.

This book is a small thank you for all the inspiration over the years. And, again the past three days.

Great content !

I almost signed up for your great products a'hundred times over the years. I'm old-school though and use open source software. When I can. I'm not at all opposed to paying for tools but I didn't want terms to clash.

I founded my company in 1995 with a programmer. Everything was proprietary for the big brands we served—Prudential, Century 21 Int'l HQ, MGM and we used Wordpress for most small companies.

I focus on brand-driven digital strategy. Big-name-agency educated. Worked in Marketing/Advertising departments at very large brands and loved every second. I was young and sponged it alllll up. When I had kids though, working in an office, away from them all day, was torture. I've been self-employed ever since.

I grew up in Idaho but moved to California when I was 21. Five years ago, my first-ever puppy-love found me on Facebook. We've been together ever since. Two of my four sons have moved here. We are all in media. Eldest is in North Hollywood with his production company, his biggest client for the past 7 years is Focus Features. We LOVE media, especially when it touches art. I would give my left arm to work with you ... not really but, you get me.


I am bad about answering but here 'tis :: 949 285-0989