Monthly digital marketing as outlined below. No contract. Add or delete services at will.

Social Media Management 
Any platform $150/month each

Our entry-level monthly social media maintenance package includes:

• write and publish up to 2 posts per workday on the social media platform of your choice
• get rid of unwanted SPAM 
• accept “friend requests” and “follows” 
• outreach to seek "friends" and "followers"

• monitor communication, notify client of noteworthy inqueries / posts / reposts, etc.

• respond to visitors inquiries, notify client when visitors need sales assistance or information
• maintain and update basic profile management 

Marketing / Promotion (build brands and community around them)
$150/month and up 

Third Stone Media will build a community around your brands while exposing your brand in a consistent way, selling services, and helping customers refer you to their communities. Deepen connections with both clients and those thinking about hiring you.

Reputation Management
$150/ month

Providing twice weekly response to all reviews, both positive and negative. Providing reviewers a place online to reach out to you without posting a negative review publicly. I will repost positive reviews, and communicate with you directly when reviews require your attention.
50% of $150 + $150 + $150

DECEMBER PAYMENT $450 total, pay 50% to start.

You can use a credit card at this link, which takes you to PayPal (LENA COLE CRAFT LLC), but you can use a credit or debit card there. If you prefer not to use PayPal. I also take Venmo, Apple Cash and checks.