Hi Jim. Thank you for stopping by ... some of my most recent work here, via images and links.
I've worked with giant corporations, including Prudential, Century 21, MGM and Harley-Davidson among others. I introduced cutting-edge, branded communications to Prudential Real Estate—we were ahead of the 'acceptable' back then—Our 530 was an open intranet for Prudential Real Estate employees. It was shut down at 5:30 AM one morning, when a vice president called to tell me employees were talking openly about a manager and it was getting uglier by the minute. I offered again to add a moderation layer ... "it's too late, shut it down !"  Funny now. Ha ha. He's still a client today, though long retired from Pru. You'd like Dave. In spite of him being a Dem. He's a stern Navy man, Pru was his only 'job'—other than think tank work, speaking, writing and consulting.

I've done a lot for independents, and companies that aren't companies yet—work for writers, actors and artists. I add value to anyone who needs what I got :)

I've done lots of low-budget stuff here in Idaho—candid social media video, product and service content, daily specials. 

We do film & TV-quality work, by tapping my eldest. I know you're familiar with Josh's work if you've seen this proud mom boasting ...

Growing Miller Productions and serving Focus Features for nearly a decade now.

Thank you very much for taking a look. Appreciate you, tons.


I started Third Stone Media in 1995, with a co-founder. He went back to school in '05 and is lecturing for University of California Irvine to this day. This image is our Third Stone Media website way back in 2013. The image links to my current business website. For a long time now, I am Third Stone Media.


Some of my concepts—