It's hard to know what to say when people have let you know they don't care about it. Or about you.

But we care. We want you to be free from illness, stress and pain. And, it's why I'm here. To bring the simple, healing truth. Love is not a wanna-have. It's a need-ta-have. Don't turn our's away.

We haven't come around, since we tried a few things that didn't work. We'll watch. We'll pray. We'll love. We'd like to help though ... it's in us.

I wish we knew what we did wrong. You told me to have thick skin. So when people yelled at me, when they hit me ... I let it go. I kept picking up their kid. You told me that it's the Lee way, to let things go if we're drinkin'. But you don't let it go. Bruce was drinking, upset and worried. The night he called ya'll and Breck too ... he's still worried. About the family. About mom, you, yours. We aren't part of it and ... he's sad about that. He doesn't understand why.